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Franco Moschino

             ID Magazine’s Iain Webb contacted me from London when they were planning on doing a profile on Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino. ID was one of a series of influential British publications that rose through “street style” to showcase the irreverent designers that would put a huge stamp on fashion through the first 20 years of the 21st century.

          Iain sent me a number of questions he wanted me to touch on in an interview I was conducting, but my discussion expanded into Franco Moschino’s views on designing, the growing direction of fashion into name branding, the diminishing of designers as labels ascended, and the pricing and commercialism of fashion.

          Franco Moschino was the son of an Italian ironworker, and he approached designing from the perspective of craftwork, but he was overseeing 27 labels when we spoke.His expression to described how he approached his fame.