Phillip Wong Productions

Gold Richtig

I worked with a number of publications from Italy, Britain, Germany, China, Japan and the United States, when I was in another country.

Editorial work has to be coordinated and have the communications necessary to balance the copy being written, the direction of a written piece, and the image creation.  Depending on the publication, the overall budget, coordinating models, make-up, hair, stylists, transportation, location, studio, lighting, assistance all contribute, or dictate the simplicity, or complexity of a project.

Understanding of production from concept to print was crucial in my being able to coordinate and delegate multiple stories on location for entire issues of publication.
We would plan four or six articles, sometimes for a single issue, or for multiple issues, around the production schedule of a week or several weeks.

Relying on my understanding of manipulating visual imagery around theme, or story, rather than an artistic sameness, and on location, understanding the need for transporting an audience to “place” as well as a “threaded” theme, allowed me to compose different shoots of coherence within short turnarounds.  (This is similar to how film productions are constructed dependent on weather, time, actor availability, location availability etc.).