Phillip Wong Productions

Blitz Magazine – Brands

          While I have worked for established publications and designers, I have also sought to work with smaller, newer, developing and potentially influential magazines.

          In London, The Face, ID, and Blitz came from the street to make influential statements in graphic design, photography and styling. The editors and graphic designers at the emerging publications shaped the publishing of France, Italy and New York as their work was recognized.

         Neville Brody, at The Face, commented on my choice of framing and composition, as editors from all three publications called when I went back to Milan, and they wanted content from the Continent.

              Branded was conceived by Blitz in London, but as all these publications were constantly on a tight schedule, they gave me a day to plan, shoot and send the material back to London.

           I was given a handful of branded items, booked friends who were available that night, shot everything on black and white Polaroid film, turned everything around in hours and had it going back to London by morning.  It reminded me of spot news photography in speed and production.

        The graphics on the vertical page sides echoed the the extreme sharpness of lighting and starkness of the black and white but was done in London.