Phillip Wong Productions

Männer Vogue – Nina Siemaszko

          The production company of Zalman King contacted me as they began the promotion of a new project they were working on. They wanted to use my contacts across international media to promote the production, the players, and whichever angle might raise interest with the public.

           I contacted editors at publications globally.  Männer Vogue in Munich, Germany expressed interest in the project and the star, Nina Siemaszko.

           On our usual tight timeline, we had arranged to shoot in Montauk, New York, but the day before our location shoot, a hurricane swept up the coast and downed trees on the road out to Long Island. We made it out to Montauk with only a few hours of daylight left. Nina had her Dalmatian with her, and when she let it out of the car, I found a building that had collapsed at the end of a pier, set up a chair we did our shoot there.

          I didn’t actually know anything about the production that she was in, so Männer Vogue’s angle was a profile of Nina Siemaszko.