Phillip Wong Productions

Pellice Moda – Young Love

          The focus of this editorial story for Pellice Moda was a new generation of young fashionistas. I always had issues with the fur industry, and there was always a conflict between my moral values and what I was good at.

           Often, the values and content of what we believed in, did not converge with what we were commissioned for.

           Producing on location and raw empty space, focusing on subject matter, and directing attention of an audience was what I was good at.

          Young Love was used both in the Italian and Chinese media (as Simply Elegant). But it shows the value of visual imagery in crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries.

           The stylist was Persian, the models were British but of Asian descent and Italian, the make-up artist was Italian, the hair stylist was American, the photographer was American of Asian descent, and the media platforms were Italian and Chinese.