Through the creation of image, we have learned a myriad aspects of publishing in both print and digital platforms. How communications are formed, who and how they are directed, and at what scale.

           The production of publishing has to determine how the audience will be reached, the simplicity or complexity of communication, the emotional or intellectual content used and the time of contact with any audience.

           We determine how large or small a production is used and how varied, which ties into budget allotted. 

          For example, editorial and book publishing tells a story, depending on length of narrative, it could be a haiku, or a novel. Advertising could be billboards, inserts in a magazine, point-of-purchase or informative brochures. How long does an audience have to digest simple or complex material?

          Production in publishing, works differently from live events, film, or photography. Those can be elements – but production from inspiration to activation is to understand how humans behave in every cultural environment.