Creating a Story in Motion

Phillip Wong Productions

Creating A Story in Motion

          I worked a number of film productions with involvement stemming from my photography and my work with story-telling.

          Film production has a completely different timeline than photography or special events. The success or failure of a film project hinges on whether it is finished, how it is edited, what the visual qualities are, and how well a story is told. The challenges of film production range from talent and crew availability, to weather, to budget, and the professionalism and timing of production crew and management.

          My involvement into these projects ranged from knowing the subject and story, scouting locations, shooting stills that both defined angles for the video to follow, lighting locations and green screens.

            Entry into one project was my background in fashion, an interest and knowledge of race in media, while another project called for me to shoot stills that would shape and echo the feel of a “video as film” production.