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Artists Working with Artists – Collaborations

          In our world, we interpret “political,” or “non-profit,” or “for-profit” in very specific ways.  The fact is, our world is fluid, evolving, and our own work, has the ability to influence the world, to be closer to something that is fair, logical, equal, just, and gives us a viable future.

          Many people believe that the world is too big, too vast, for US to have an impact on it, but we always believe that the world, has an impact on US.  These ideas have elements of truth.

          In a capitalist and commercial world, there are many artists who are extremely talented and accomplished, but might not be known.  In a capitalist and commercial world, getting “known” is expensive and often difficult. I have always known this.

          This is not a criticism of commercialism, but an understanding that there is more than what is marketed, and what is “hot” or “big” at this time.  As any artist learns, greatness, is not always achieved in a lifetime. And as the world learns, what is “hot” today, may not always be great. 

          But using photography to draw attention to those who deserve a little more scrutiny, and trying to show “WHY” they deserve more, has been a passion of mine.

          Working with artists, is understanding their art, their personalities, and collaborating with them to create visual images that complement and reflect the emotions and passions within them.

          I realized that I was successful in fashion, not solely because of MY talent, but because I understood what designing was, and what mattered to fashion designers. I understood what mattered to editors and models.

          But I came back from Europe, because in the fashion centers, they didn’t have a vast array of OTHER creative fields. I wanted to feel the energy of collaborating with passionate and driven people.

          My production work is wide-ranging, because the artists and characters and people are wide-ranging. Who people ARE, are often, what people DO. And what they Think, and what they Feel.

The collaboration works because the GOAL, is what we work for – and to be part of that success – is what we can take pride in.

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